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Parking scooter Ticket

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012


I parked my scooter as I usually did right next to but outside of the little white L shape line that marks the edge of a city paid parking spot. This paid parking spot was the last one before the cross street intersection.
I got a ticket citing that I violated Article 386 par.4 of the highway safety code (c. C-24.2), having stopped a road vehicle at less than 5m from a pedestrian crosswalk without the necessity to do so.

I contested the ticket and my planned argument is that I could not have been within 5m of the crosswalk given that I was right next to a city parking spot, which couldn’t be within 5m of the walk without itself infringing on this code.

Do you think that is a valid argument?


Infracted in Montreal

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012


I am living in Montreal temporarily, a couple of weeks.  I drove from Ontario with a rental car, Ontario plates.  This morning I heard the car being towed.  I ran out and pleaded with the driver not to take it away.  He was extremely professional and understanding and dropped the car.  However the other agent gave me a ticket for $117.00 for parking in a snow removal area on the street.

Since I have a rental from Ontario and my Driver’s License is from New Brunswick, can I pretend that I did not get the ticket in that it is too much tracking (Ontario plates, New Brunswick DRL and rental car) or is there any other way around this infraction?

I simply did not know what the protocol was in Montreal.  I was parked on this road for three days and no issues until this morning.

Infracted in Montreal.

Ticket – Pedestrian crosswalk

Monday, December 5th, 2011


Saw your website and thought why not.

I, along with another fellow motorcyclist received tickets at a spot where we usually park. The description of the offense is “having stopped a road vehicle at less than 5 meters from a pedestrian crosswalk without
the necessity to do so”.

We have parked here many years and this is the first time we are ticketed for this. I went around the block and noticed the “official” pay-parking zones are also within this 5 meter rule. If I get a ticket then shouldn’t these other cars in the parking zones within that  5 meters also get a ticket. I have included photos to show the distance and indicate where the pay-parking spot falls in relation to the 5 meters. (more…)

Ticket – street parking

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Was visiting Montreal last week and parked at street parking.  The meter said parking fees were only from 800am to 900pm.  I parked around 700pm, paid for until 900pm and was going to move the car before 800am the next day.  We even asked a local Montreal pedestrian if we can park there and she too told us we could.

Next morning, went to move the car and had a parking ticket for CAD 52.

I later realized that there was a sign seperate from the parking meter’s at the end of the road which stated that parking between 730-900 was prohibited.

Is it worthwhile contesting this ?


Parking ticket and the designated place is incorrectly identified

Thursday, May 12th, 2011


Do I have to pay this parking ticket, incurred in Montreal, if the designated place is incorrectly identified ? I came home for lunch not having realized winter parking exemptions had been lifted and received a ticket for it. Fine, I was wrong.

However, the ticket indicates that the location of the infraction is 7 blocks away from where the infraction occurred (i suppose they got lazy and forgot to change the street name in their device). I was in, in fact, at the correct civic number, but at the incorrect street name.

Can I contest it ? How do I prove where I was on the given time and date?

Thanks for helping !

Ticket for parking in a parking zone without a valid ticket

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Hi, I have received a ticket for parking in a parking zone without a valid ticket in Montreal

I parked in a zone on Prince Arthur I then fed the required amount into the parking meter and placed the ticket on the dash of my car. When I came back I noticed a parking fine on the window. The ticket says that I was parked in a metered zone without a valid ticket, I then noticed that I had entered the incorrect parking bay number into the machine (PB205 instead of PB204).

I paid the the required amount for a parking space and received a ticket, I couldn’t have parked in the other bay as it was allready taken and the same car was there when I left. This was a simple mistake, do I have a leg to stand on if I conteste this.



Parking ticket by mail

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Here’s an example of what kind of people are employed by Parking Montreal and what transpired today

I believe I was ticketed and will be sent a parking ticket by mail

I stopped at the entrance to the Marriot Chateau Champlain on Peel Street to pick up my wife at 5:00pm where she works. Turning into the driveway of the hotel I needed to stop  as there were several taxis and cars disembarking so I waited to pull in.

Where I waited for the cars to move there was a meter

Car 430-33 Ville de Montreal Parking Agent pulls in front of my car and blocks my forward progress into the Marriott and stares at me. I point to the entrance where I want to go but he’s in my way.
Now he flies out of his car and runs to the back of my car and starts to write up a ticket.  I said wait a minute I’m turning into the Marriott. (more…)

Ticket forgot to display the licence

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Good question from Richard… He paid his licence, but didn’t display it…

Can he contest ?

I paid for a parking licence on the public street category worker.

I got a ticket since I forgot to display the licence on that morning.

Is it possible to contest since I paid in order to have the right to park in this location?

April 17th

My opinion :

You will need to see the case law in similar cases…

The judge could be conciliatory, but you will need to look in the case law…

I believe that you could have better chances, without having to lie, that the licence was hidden by an unfortunate piece box of Kleenex…

Ask anyways for the communication of the proof…

What city was this in ?

Parking ticket while injured

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

What must we do if we are not able to move our car because of an injury? Here is Helen story that just got a parking ticket while injured…


Recently, I injured my right knee, my doctor refuse that I work or drive my car.

I was unable to drive, it was too painful. I got a parking ticket for leaving my car between 9am and 10am on a Wednesday since the road needed to be cleaned. I don’t know anyone near me in Montreal that could have move my car for me…

Do you think I could contest with my doctor paper, will I win?

Thank you!

My opinion : (more…)

Forbidden to park on the sidewalk

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Sabrina just learned an other section of the road safety code… she got a little ticket, well deposed on her vehicle when she came back… She would like to contest the ticket : Forbidden to park on the sidewalk… Possible ?


I got a 52$ ticket because I parked my vehicle with 2 wheels on the sidewalk: There was no signs of interdiction to park or marks on the street, and my vehicle was not bothering anyone.

The article mentioned on the ticket is 386, in which it is clearly said that it is forbidden to par on a sidewalk or a median strip… I also found an other article that says that we need to park at more then 30 cm of the sidewalk, but nothing about the wheels on the road or the sidewalk…

Do you think I can contest and do I have a chance at winning ?

Thank you !


April 6th

My opinion : (more…)