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Ticket because I didn’t respect a pedestrian crossing

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

This isn’t fun… Of course you would have stop if you saw it… Same thing for everybody…

Laurence story on the behalf on a pedestrian crossing :

Hello to all of you,
On May 11th, I got a ticket because I didn’t respect a pedestrian crossing when a pedestrian was engaged.

First of all, I never saw the pedestrian crossing since the line were completely vanished

Secondly, I never saw a pedestrian engaged, if that would have been the case, I would have stop, I am not a savage who runs over pedestrians in the street.

Question :
Can the vanished lines be a good way to talk about the ambiguity of the location where 3 police cars were parked to pull over people, which is a kind of trap if you ask me.

Secondly, can the officer prove out of any doubt that indeed their was a pedestrian engaged, with a picture. Since if it is only on our word, then it is his against mine…

Thank you and congratulations on your marvellous website that help us on many aspects.

May 30th
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Speed ticket while passing by an other car

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

John’s story… Who received a peed ticket while passing by an other car.


Hello !

I decided to contest a ticket I just got, at the same date, about a year ago. My hearing is in a few weeks. I am 27 years old and I’ve got my licence for more then 8 years and never got a ticket before that date; it is my first infraction.

The officer accused me of driving at a 70km/h speed in a 50km/h zone on the Laurentides Boulevard, in Laval. It is a basic 110$ ticket with the fees. I understand that usually people don’t contest “little” tickets, but most of the time I do it anyways.

I took this decision mostly because I wasn’t driving that fast and that I had to do an unusual manoeuvre and slightly speed up was the only safe move at that time. I was in the left lane on a 3 way road, traffic was intense and the road was diminishing to a 2 way. A car a speeding behind me (he should got the ticket !) and I analysed that it was dangerous to put the brakes, but the car on my right was also speeding up and the time I had to get in the center lane before the end of the third lane was pretty short. Speeding up was the only way for me to change lanes in a safe way, so I did it. A few moments after I passed by the car, I was the first car ahead and the officer registered my speed, without seeing the situation that I was in. (more…)

Ticket for overrun by the right

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Normand wasn’t in a hurry but he didn’t want to stay beside a “slowpoke”… so he decided to over pass him using the right lane… tu tut tut… here is a nice ticket for over passing a car on the right lane since a police car was driving right behind and saw everything! What can we do?

Hello, I didn’t find any related information on your website… A cop arrested me and gave me a ticket since I over passed a car using the right lane… but there was nothing dangerous there! It was on highway 15 near Rosmère. The left lane was filled with cars that were going fast and I was stuck behind this slowpoke that was going 80km/h!

I want to contest… how can I do?
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