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Ticket for muffler not conformed to the norms establish by regulation

Friday, June 4th, 2010

This is about tickets some how obscure about the noise made by the muffler of a car… here is Andrei story… arrested two time instead of one !

On May 2 2006, I got a ticket since I was the owner of a vehicle equipped of a muffler not conformed to the norms establish by regulation.

I contested the ticket; I went to court and won! They said that the “exhaust” was to loud but there is nowhere in the law that says the maximum of decibel accepted.

On September 20 2009, I was arrested by a SQ officer for the same thing. Trying to explain him that I already got a ticket for the same infraction and that I won, I told him that it was not logical to give me an other ticket. The officer became mean and told me that I didn’t stand a chance to win. He then took 30 minutes to write the ticket and turned around my car to see if he could give me an other ticket for something else. I also got one for a tire being more use then the others.

When he gave me the tickets I told him to have a good day, but with no respect and probably because he was not well raised he didn’t answer me.

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Ticket for giving an accelerator blow

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

When you are at an old car gathering, it is very exciting… but you’d better stay put until your destination…
Cedric’s second case… this time he got a ticket for giving an accelerator blow.

An other little question here, I was on road 66 in Quebec and on each Friday, people gather with their unique or modified car. On that night, there was a lot of people and everybody was giving accelerator blows. So I did the same, JUST ONE TIME, the thing is that an officer gave me a 50$ ticket since I gave an accelerator blow… At the same time, a Mustang and a Camaro speeded up on Hamel Boulevard (steam show included)… I was parked… Am I forced to get a lawyer to defend myself against stupidity like this ? I was at a big 0km/h speed, I can see how this was justified…

My opinion:

Unfortunately, you did it… You will not be able to defend yourself telling the judge “While a Mustang and a Camaro speeded up on the Hamel Boulevard (steam show included)…” The fact that you were parked doesn’t change anything… It is possible that a good lawyer can find you a way to contest, but for a 50$ ticket, it is not worth it since the lawyer will cost you a lot more… However, if this ticket will be close to make you loose your licence since you lost more points, then really think about it.

Ticket for making too much noise

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Thursday December 4…

Last night, my spouse was coming back from the harbour, in the Châteauguay region. A young and pretentious police officer gave him a ticket pretending that his gas pipe was illegal and bla blab bla… The thing is that my husband is the first one to make sure that the car is ok to be driven by our boys… in order to avoid these kinds of situations.

The police officer is an officer and not a mechanic… my husband told the police officer: “ In order to give me a ticket for making too much noise, shouldn’t you use an advice to calculate the decibels ? ” … the police officer felt defensive and put his hand on his gun ! WOW!!! And after what are we supposed to think about those officers ?!!!

My husband wants to contest !!!! How can we do in a suburban city near Montreal, Châteauguay ?

Dear spouse… that’s a good question… I believe that you will need to go in a place where they can verify the real noise level of your car… Maybe that certain police station could do it ?! Call your local police department to see if they can do it…

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