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Very Hight Trafic

Friday, January 1st, 2010

You said Trafic ?
You think there is hight Trafic in Montréal ? In Toronto ?
Here there is very hight Trafic !

Police officer joke

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

In order to relax between two tickets…
Here is a little police officer joke…

A women gets to work. She is driving about 20km/h over the speed limit. On the other side of the viaduct, a police officer is waiting for here, radar in his hand.

The police officer is making her signs to stop.

– Cop: In a hurry Ma’am ?
– Lady : I am late for work.
– Cop : What do you do ?
– Lady : I am a rectum stretcher.
– Cop : WHAT??? Rectum stretcher ? What is that ?
– Lady : Well I start by putting in a finger, then a second one, then a third, a fourth and then the thumb. Slowly the hand goes deeper. I slowly go left to right and then do small circles in order to get the second hand in. And then, very very slowly, I stretch, stretch and stretch until 6 feet.
– Cop : And what do we do with a 6 feet asshole ?
– Lady : We give them a radar and we park him on the other side of the viaduct !

Ticket : 150$
Courthouse fees : 75$

See the police officer face : that has no price… for everything else there is MasterCard.

Go around cyclists

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

When could we or not go around cyclists ?

Situation :

You are on a small road, where you don’t have enough place to go around (there is a white line).

Your are following a cyclist. He doesn’t go fast. He is very slow.

Could/must you :

a) go around cyclists
b) follow the cyclist until there is two lanes.


Why take risks ?

Take your time !