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Wrong Side of the Road

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Hi,Wrong Side of the Road

I am a new Canadian Immigrant from South of Asia. I recently got my Quebec drivers license and to please my wife, I took her on our first ever ride in a rented car, in Montreal.

We went to Ottawa and on our way back, we pulled over a service station for a coffee. When I existed out of the coffee store, accidently I pulled on to the wrong side of the road. For a moment, I forgot I was in Canada where we drive on the right side of the rode, unlike driving on the left side of the road back home. I reached the intersection, the lights turned green and I got on to the right side of the road.

It was dark, and there was no proper lanes drawn on the road. So, it was obvious for any South Asian to confuse.

When we were at the intersection, I observed no cameras, and no cop chased us. Will I still get a ticket for this act? I am so worried. I didn’t do anything intentionally.


NJ resident and received a traffic ticket in Montreal

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Hi there,

I was on my way from Montreal to New Jersey on July 3, when I was pulled over for crossing a solid line. I was supposed to take an exit on the right and my GPS messed up, ended up recalculating and at the last moment asked me to take the exit. I followed the traffic moving straight and crossed over the solid line to take the exit. There was a cop on his motorbike (who had already pulled one over) and asked me to pull over. He handed me a ticket for 277$/3 points and asked me to pay the ticket within 30 days.

I was wondering what options do I have to fight the ticket. What would happen if I not pay the ticket? (I am sure that a warrant will be issued on my name and I wont be able to drive in Canada). Is it advisable for me to plead non guilty and write an explanation as to what happened. I would hate to drive to Montreal again and stand in court.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Ticket for driving on a private road

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Nestor story that got a ticket for driving on a private road.



I was driving on the Concorde West Street in Laval at 8:10 near the Concorde metro station and right before the Ampere Street, their was an officer filling a ticket to an other driver.

I was going on the middle lane and I needed to drop my wife near the metro station, but I knew that I couldn’t stop my car on the right lane since it is for bus and taxis only (from 6:30 to 9:30). So I decided to get in a building parking the nearest from the station, but in order to get in that parking lot, I need to get by the right lane.

The officer saw me and moved her car in order to get in the parking lot. She asked me if I was living it the building. I tell her that I don’t, so she asks me why I got in the parking lot. I told her that my wife needs to take the metro and since I can’t stop on the right lane since it’s a private lane, I got in the parking lot to drop her off.

She told me that I couldn’t be here since it is a private parking and that I drove on a private lane for bus and taxis.

I told her that I drove only one or two seconds in order to turn right.

She filled me out a ticket for driving on a private lane and told me that I had 30 days to pay.

It is my first ticket (150$ and I don’t know how many demerit points it will cost me).

I would like to know if I can contest the ticket and if I can win or how much it will cost me if I lose ?

Thank you for your opinion.


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Ticket on the highway

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Argh! Highways…100km/h…? 119km/h ? 70km/h…? Dangerous… particularly on the access road… Here is Marc-Andre’s story that has passed “ under a police officer ”…

I am 20 years old and I never got a ticket before, for any reason that may be before this last Sunday (I got my probationary license in July 2005). I was driving north on Décarie Highway (70km/h speed limit). And, on this Sunday morning, there wasn’t much traffic, only a few cars were driving towards Wellington exit. I was driving with the flow speed. While talking with my brother (passenger) I was keeping the same speed.

On the highway near the place where a lane adds up from the Turcot interchange (720 coming oust and melting with the highway 15 north), I get in this lane free of any cars. Being distracted, I don’t see that the car surrounding us speed down, however the lane was free so, I keep my speed. Just before passing under the viaduct Bourret, my brother tells me that there is a police officer parked on the viaduct. He looks at my odometer and notice that I am going at about 125km/h tops, which I concede is way to fast even if the traffic is going at about 110km/h at this point. Once I got pulled over by the police officer, he tells me that I registered my speed at 131km/h, which was not the case. I got a 1015$ fine and 14 demerit points with a 7 days suspension of my driver’s license. (more…)

Ticket for highway exit

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Patrick’s little story… whom, while exiting the highway, had many lanes to overpass to get to the turning point… the officer gave him a ticket since he was driving too fast. However, there were no apparent speed limit signs… Can we contest this ticket for highway exit?

I just received a 125$ ticket in a 50km/h zone since I drove at 75km/h.
My story is the following. I am in a highway exit where the recommend speed is of about 65 or 70km/h (yellow signs) I am on a highway that connects with a boulevard with a 50km/h speed (that’s what is written on the ticket).

I need to get to the next crossroad which is about 100meters in front of me and to do so, I need to cross 3 lanes. However, there is no road signs about the speed limit between the crossroad and the highway exit, am I guilty of over passing the speed limit which is not indicated in the 100meters.

Then, the fact that I was going 75km/h is because I needed to speed up in order to get in the left lane (4th lane to turn since there was vehicle up coming. The police officer explained that I only had to go further and do a u-turn that this was the safe thing to do. Can I contest this kind of ticket ? By the way, I am working as an engineer for the community of the City of Montreal, so can I have a good credibility facing a police officer from Laval ? Or do I need to get a lawyer ? Finally is it worth it ?

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