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Notice of a parking infraction by mail

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

I recieved a Notice of a parking infraction by mail. The infraction stated that on February 15th at 11:01pm my car was parked along a slope on St.Laurent blvd in Montreal, with out turning the front wheels towards the edge of the roadway.

The thing is, I & my car was nowhere near that area on February 15th at 11:01pm. As a matter of fact I rarely even drive to the Plateau area, That night I was visiting my mom in Ville St-laurent until 10pm and then drove directly home to my apartment in NDG. I really don’t understand how they can have my license plate & vehicle make when it’s impossible that I was at the scene. (more…)

Minor with alcohol ticket

Monday, December 5th, 2011


Recently i got a ticket for possession of alcohol (1 beer….) outside of my university ( its frosh week) and am not happy about it at all. But upon looking at my ticket I noticed a few errors. He didnt use my full first name, wrong postal code, wrong streetname spelling, and also wrote that the wrong address on the “highway (if applicable)” section because it wasnt near the highway, so isnt applicable i wouldnt think. I also got an obstruction of justice ticket for lying about not having my wallet, which is a charge under the criminal code, but the officer didnt fill out any of the “Statement of Issue of Appearance Notice to Accused” portion on the back of my court order.

I’d really appreciate your help!


The amount of the ticket changed

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Sebastien story who wanted to contest a little fine seems to have grown with time… Indeed, the amount of the fine changed between the moment of the infraction and the appearance, the amount of the ticket changed !!

A simple little question,
I got a 37$ ticket and I plead not guilty. Yesterday, I got the appearance date, but the thing is that the ticket (if I want to pay in order to avoid going in court) is now 62$ Is this normal ? I wanted to see the communication of the proof before taking a decision…

Thank you


My opinion :

I don’t believe that this is possible… the amount on the ticket is the proof… If you pay know you will have to pay what is written on the ticket… If you go at court and you lose, you will have to pay the court fees also.

Ticket because I didn’t respect a pedestrian crossing

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

This isn’t fun… Of course you would have stop if you saw it… Same thing for everybody…

Laurence story on the behalf on a pedestrian crossing :

Hello to all of you,
On May 11th, I got a ticket because I didn’t respect a pedestrian crossing when a pedestrian was engaged.

First of all, I never saw the pedestrian crossing since the line were completely vanished

Secondly, I never saw a pedestrian engaged, if that would have been the case, I would have stop, I am not a savage who runs over pedestrians in the street.

Question :
Can the vanished lines be a good way to talk about the ambiguity of the location where 3 police cars were parked to pull over people, which is a kind of trap if you ask me.

Secondly, can the officer prove out of any doubt that indeed their was a pedestrian engaged, with a picture. Since if it is only on our word, then it is his against mine…

Thank you and congratulations on your marvellous website that help us on many aspects.

May 30th
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Ticket written by an other officer

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Most of the time, officer’s work alone. However, when they do awareness campaigns or safety campaigns (would they say) (thing that we believe is quota…) they work in teams.

In those cases… can one take notice and the other one writes the ticket ?

Alain is asking the question can a ticket written by an other officer then the one who saw the infraction be valid.

His story :
Hello and congratulation or your website it is very useful.

This morning, while I was driving trough a residential neighbourhood in Montreal, I got a ticket for not stopping completely my car at a stop sign. Of course, I am convinced that I did my stop correctly. But there is a thing that bothered me around this “infraction” as I read the ticket once I’ve got home. (more…)

Error in the disclosure of the proof

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Big question from François about an error in the disclosure of the proof…

His story :
Stop ticket and anomaly in the disclosure of the proof

I am contesting a stop ticket. I have good reasons which I will avoid mentioning right now since an unexpected event that just occurred will probably affect the original speech that I wanted to give. I will explain those reasons in details down below. I would like to get your opinion and some advices if possible.

I got the ticket on April 8th. On April 9th I send an email to the Montreal City Court, city in which I got the ticket, indicating the details of the infraction only to put them in context (with the frustration, I kind of argued in the email since I didn’t earned the ticket… this helped me to evacuate the frustration by explaining in details the infraction and the injustice plus the things that the officer couldn’t have seen me do!) and I only wanted to ask how it was working in court ( delays, etc). The email ended with all this list of questions. The court clerk answered me a few days later; everything is clear, thank you very much. Note that at the start, I didn’t know that I was writing to the court clerk, I taught it was a secretary or a city employee that was going to answer me. I didn’t make a big deal. (more…)

Jurisprudence for voiding a ticket

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

If all was simple, Jeff request would be pretty easy… We know, officers are always there to serve and protect… but sometimes we have the impression that they are only waiting in the detour.

When the officer fills out our ticket and makes some mistakes on the ticket… What can we do ? Do we have any resorts ? Jurisprudence for voiding a ticket ?

Jeff question :

Hello, I am looking for jurisprudence or a law number stipulating that information is declared void if the upbraided facts are false. The officer wrote the wrong street number on the ticket… Thank you in advance for the information !

May 21st
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Gender error

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Sometimes, officers fill out the ticket a bit too quickly… can any error void the ticket ? What about a gender error on the ticket ? The story of Mister or Madame Forgues… ;-)



I was told that any single error on the ticket comes and voids it.

In my case, my name, address, etc. is ok, the thing is that he wrote 1 instead of 2 (1 being Mister and 2 being Madame …).

I am not Mister Forgues but Madame Forgues…

Will the judge laugh at me if I try to win my case with this error ?

Tank you

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Error in the driver’s licence number

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Little question from Mario…

When he got a ticket but there is an error on it, for example an error in the driver’s licence number… is it contestable ?

His story :
Hello, I got a ticket for excessive speeding 78km/h in a 50km/h zone. After checking the ticket, the officer made an error in the driver’s licence number. Can this void my ticket ?

April 28th
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Ticket with the wrong name

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

With all the possible errors that can be found on a ticket… there is the name… So Fred don’t share the officers opinion, but he ask if it is easy to contest a ticket with the wrong name on it ?

His story :


On a ticket for a stop not completed according to the officer, I contest the ticket. A few months later, I get my hearing date in July and when I look at the ticket, I see that the name isn’t right, he wrote my baptism names instead of my name and my first name in the right place, but no where we see my family name.

I can contest for vice procedure but I don’t know the article on which I must refer too to for voiding my ticket.

Can you help me in this way, or refer me a lawyer or where to find one specialized in this type of administrative process.

Thank you and don’t let them get you,


May 2nd
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