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Interdiction of riding a bicycle in a metro station

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Diliana’s son was calmly talking with some friends… they got in the metro station entry and the guy got a ticket since there is an interdiction of riding a bicycle in a metro station…

The story :

On April 22nd 2010, near 22h00, about ten teens (15-16 years old) were in the entry of the Outremont metro station. They got together on that night to have fun since the morning after was a school day off. It was cold and the exterior temperature was of 6 degrees and the teens wanted to talk more before heading home.

Amongst the teens, two guys and my son got a bicycle. While they were talking, they ride among the group without doing any moves or endangering the other safety. Two agents get in at that moment and get the three guys on their bicycle. My son gives his papers asked, and the other guy doesn’t have papers on him. They get to the Outremont station and get out ½ hour later with 93$ tickets from the STM, according to the regulation R-036 15K: “Interdiction of riding a bicycle (in a metro station)”. (more…)

Ticket on bicycle

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Bicycles have the same road safety code then as soon as they are on the public lane…

Unfortunately for her, Valerie just learned it to her expenses when she got a ticket on bicycle

Her story :


Here is my story! Yesterday morning (June 2nd 2010- 6:30am) I was on my bicycle on the St-Joseph Boulevard going to work. Note that at this hour it is still very calm. At the angle of 2nd Avenue there is a traffic light. Instead of completely doing my stop and wait for the green light, I slow down, stop and since there was no one near or far, I decided to continue. The thing is that out of nowhere, behind me probably, I got pulled over by an officer at 6:35am for not stopping at a red light. I got a 37$ and 3 demerit points ticket. (more…)

Ticket driving on a bicycle

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Argh! When you’re destined to get caught, you are going to be caught… That what Dominique is probably telling herself since she got a ticket driving on a bicycle…


Last summer, I passed on a red light while driving my bicycle. The officer arrested me right as I was starting to get across, so I taught he was letting my pass. I lost 3 points and 50$. I have a probationary licence and I am allowed only 4 points. I don’t know if it is worth it and if I got any chances.

Thank you !


My opinion : (more…)

Go around cyclists

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

When could we or not go around cyclists ?

Situation :

You are on a small road, where you don’t have enough place to go around (there is a white line).

Your are following a cyclist. He doesn’t go fast. He is very slow.

Could/must you :

a) go around cyclists
b) follow the cyclist until there is two lanes.


Why take risks ?

Take your time !