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The passenger use his cell phone

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Sometimes officers can arrest us and give us a ticket for using our cell phone, when it is the passenger that uses the phone ! How apply the law and how defend ourselves… can we defend ourselves ?

Anthony worries…

Friday night, near 10pm on Sherbrooke Street, I got pulled over by two officer, they told me that I was talking on my cell phone. I was in the traffic and my friend next to me in the passenger seat was playing with his cell phone and he showed me a picture on his phone by putting it up to my head on the right side and the officer taught I was using a cell phone !

I didn’t say anything to the officer, I didn’t want to argue since I was nervous, I am 18 years old and it was the first time that I got pulled over, but sincerely I think the officer didn’t see the situation. He was in the left lane, I was in the right lane and I believe that with the darkness he only saw the cell phone up to my head and taught that I was talking! I am not even sure that he was convinced since he suggested me to contest in court to keep all my points until I got my complete driver’s licence (I will have my complete licence in march 2010).

What should I do ? It is completely unfair, they were two in the police car, I don’t know if I really stand a chance or if the judge will think my story is complete non sense and I would be forced to pay the court fees too! What could you suggest me ? I didn’t ask yet for the communication of the proof (I saw that in your article) since it is better to wait a few weeks, but I would like to know if the officer’s report help or not the contestation !

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Arrested for cell phone behind the wheel

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Ah ah ! A sad ticket… An other cell phone story…

Émilie wasn’t talking on her phone in her car… but she got caught anyways.

Here is her story : arrested for cell phone behind the wheel


I just got arrested, 2 days ago for cell phone behind the wheel 2 questions :

1-If I was on the free hand option and that I was holding my phone in my hand in order to put it on the passenger seat to continue the call, is the short moment that I hold my cell phone really an infraction ?
2-On the ticket, there is a major error. My first name is Émilie and it is written Amélie. Can I contest with this error ?

What is the process that I should take to prepare a good pleading ?

Thank you !

May 30th
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Ticket for taking a look at my cell phone

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

The law is very clear about this subject… even if the population comprehension is harder… But the police application is very simple… Here is the story of somebody who got a ticket for taking a look at my cell phone… However, this is not what is written on the ticket…

I got a ticket since I supposedly used my cell phone according to the officer !!!

I didn’t use my cell phone, I looked at my cell phone and put it back in my purse, but I believe he saw me do this.

Should I contest it proving with my cell phone account that show all the calls made and received????

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Ticket for using a cell phone while driving

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Poor Lorena… not only one, but two bad lucks… More then just a ticket for using her cell phone while driving, in front of her home, the officer adds one ticket for not having the registration papers with her…

I got arrested for talking on my cell phone while parking my car in my drive way… 152$

The car I was driving was my friend’s car, she told me that the papers where in the car, in the glove box. The officer asks me the registration papers, but I couldn’t find them. I give him all the papers I could find and told him this was my friend’s car, and that I didn’t know where the paper was.

Finally, he gave me a ticket for not having in the car the registration papers. He leaves and I continue searching and found the darn paper. I went to see the agent that was stopped at the red light a little further away and told him that I found the paper. He told me it was to late, that the ticket was filled and that I could contest.

Do I have any chances of winning if I contest the second ticket ?

Thank you.

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Ticket for talking on a cell phone

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Gaston made the mistake to answer his cell phone while driving on a boulevard… He told the person on the other end of the line that he will call him back when he’ll be at his office… of course… Murphy law’s occurs… a police officer saw him and pulled him over in order to give him a ticket for talking on his cell phone while driving… what can he do?

I forgot to put on my Bluetooth… and my cell phone rang and I saw on my visual display that it was an important customer, I preferred answer him and tell him that I was going to reach him later then trying to put on my hand free device… I didn’t even talk for a minute on the cell… I really taught the officer was cranky!!!

Can I contest the ticket?
Thank you