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Ticket – lane is reserved for buses

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012


Last week I visited Montreal from Toronto and was staying at the Queen Elizabeth hotel. I drove to the front entrance around 9:10am and asked the bell hop where to park. What I didn’t realize is that lane is reserved for buses until 9:30am.  I stayed in the car and talked to the bell hop through the window for 15 seconds.

Once he gave me directions and I proceeded to exit the lane but was stopped by a police trap set up for catching people in the bus lane. My defense is that as a tourist I was simply asking for parking directions with no intention of driving in that lane.  I was not in the reserved lane before I was pulled over.  I don’t see any demerit points on the ticket… Is this right?  Any chance to fight this?

Thanks for your help.


Ticket – No parking bus zone

Monday, December 5th, 2011


What is the correct legal distance from the no parking Bus zone sign to the regular bus stop ? STM just chooses their spots on where to put their no parking bus zone sign based on where land is available.

This means the distance from the bus stop to the bus zone sign on the pole is given second thought.

Where I live this distance disallows me from parking on the street in front of my garage driveway.

The remedy for this is to simply trace a yellow curve line on the street. The curved trace would separate where the bus would make it’s curve in order to position itself for the bus stop and allow me to park in front of my garage. (more…)

Bus destined to drive students

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Near an intersection, you need to be very alert if school bus shows up her too… talk about this to Daniel… (an other Daniel… hahaha)

I just got a 274$ ticket and 9 demerit points by driving across a school bus. Will I need a lawyer to defend myself ? I already pleaded not guilty.

Thank you very much.

Here is some other information :

It occurred last week. I was in a T intersection, the police was in front of my and they turned on their right and me, I was going straight forward. I did my stop and when I entered in the intersection, the school bus got to the same intersection and put his yellow flashing lights and I continued straight forward. After about 100 meters the police pulled me over and told me that I didn’t my obligatory stop while passing by a school bus.

The results 274$ and 9 demerit points.


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Ticket for not stopping at the regulatory 5 meters of the stop

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Poor Virginie who got caught twice in a small lapse of time and she is asking herself if she can in both cases contest or not…

One of the ticket is not very serious… but the other one is more… it is a ticket for not stopping at the regulatory 5 meters of the stop… in the case of a school bus…


2 bad luck in one week and the same question : Do I stand a chance if I contest my tickets ?

1-    Was slowly driving when a school bus stop not far from a traffic light, stop put out and 4 flashers on. I quickly slow down, down… and stop myself at about 2-3 meters of the stop (I wasn’t behind the school bus…) I see a police car just behind me and congratulate myself of respecting the Road safety code of Quebec (to make a story short, I am a French who immigrated her 7 years ago !). (more…)

Ticket school bus

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Hum… Michel got a ticket for a school bus he never saw… disturbing ?


I was driving on the Notre-Dame Boulevard in Repentigny when an officer pulls me over. He tells me to look in my rear-view mirror and tells me :

“Do you see the school bus in your rear-view mirror ?”

I answer that indeed I see it. He then tells me that I pass by the bus when it had his flashing lights on. I tell him that I never saw the bus. My girlfriend that is witness also add that she didn’t saw it. I was driving on the other side of the road. The officer told me that this bus was stopping there every day to pick up 3 students. He gave me the ticket and left immediately.

Looking at my ticket, I saw the amount was 275$ and 9 demerit points. I think it is overrated considering the fact that I really didn’t see the bus. If I had seen it, I would have stop. I am a safe driver that respects the road safety code. I was wondering if the fact that my girlfriend didn’t saw the bus either could help me to contest the ticket since she is a witness. I know that no one should ignore the law, but I can’t even confirm that the officer was right. Where the red flashing lights really on ? Did the bus had a flashing stop sign on his side ? Was the bus really stopped ?

I can only trust him. Is the judge always taking the officers side or are 2 witnesses more convincing in front of a judge. Do I have a chance ?

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Respecting the signalisation of obligatory stopping on a school bus

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Respecting the signalisation of obligatory stopping on a school bus is important … But when does this obligation starts ?


Hello, I got arrested lately for not respecting the signalisation of obligatory stopping on a school bus. Like Sylvie testimony, I passed when the yellow flashing lights were on and stop sign closed. When this happened, I was very close from the bus, so it was impossible for me to stop on time and the bus was still in movement when the flashing lights started. I would like to know the law about the traffic lights is also valid for the bus flashing lights. Also, I would like to know if it is possible to bring a testimony sign from a witness in court. Is it valid? Since very few witness can lose a work day to go and testify for a ticket to get a few hundreds dollars.

Little funny fact: on the ticket, the officer wrote that I was distracted while driving… and didn’t write the right color of my truck on his report.

Thank you.


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Ticket from a STM inspector

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The bus terminus can often be a real trap for drivers… Marc story proves it really well. I am convinced of his good intentions… The signalisation is not always sufficient, but indicated and sometime not even visible until we get engaged…

At least, Longueil terminus is one that is not easy! I got caught at my first “approach”… and I was lucky… no inspector !

Marc’s story :


I got a ticket from a STM inspector since I entered a zone prohibited to drivers because of the lack of signalisation or maybe even for the too-large quantity of information.

I just entered then a STM agent and wanting to do a U-turn, BANG THE INSPECTOR SERMONS ME AND GIVES ME A 214$ TICKET. Of course I will contest with pictures to back me up, it is a real trap this place and they don’t stop delivering tickets, they caught 5 drivers only while I was there!


Thank you for answering me

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When do we need to stop when we meet a school bus ?

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

With the new rules about the school bus pre-signalling, drivers need to adapt their driving, there is no question about steeping on it and speed up when a school bus put his yellow flashing lights on. Here is a SAAQ quote that explains all the details that we need to remember…

There school bus drivers now have to inform in advance their intention of stopping the bus. This measure is in order to slow down the traffic in front and behind the school bus to avoid hard breaking or speeding

From now on, two steps to remember :

  1. Prepare yourself to stop your car when the school bus will put his yellow flashing lights on .
  2. Bring your car to stand still 5meters or more behind or ahead from the school bus when the red lights will be flashing and when his stop sign will be out.

Over passing a school bus it his red flashing lights on means 9 demerit points and a fine between 274$ and 438$. This amount, under modification reserve, includes the fine predicted by the Code de la sécurité routière, the office fees as a contribution for the victims of criminal acts, (other fees may apply).

This stop is not obligatory when you meet a school bus in a street separated by a center divider strip.

Ticket for parking in a bus stop zone

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

DG’s story is about parking in a prohibited zone… a bus stop! Here is his story that got him a nice little ticket for parking in a bus stop zone.
Hello, My story is pretty simple. 3 days ago, I drove my brother at “tresor public” in order to allow him to up date his fisher man’s allowances. To get to the “tresor public” I parked my car in a parking lot. When we got back, I was surprise to see that there was a ticket in my windshield for parking in a bus stop zone.

Indeed, it was written bus stop (in small characters) in yellow on the road at the end of the parking zone, (thing I saw only when I got the ticket). But, the thing is that it was practically impossible to read that it was written « bus stop ». I’m asking myself : if it was a bus stop, why where there parking lot draw in white and that “bus stop” wasn’t more visible ? Those parking places were right in the middle of the bus stop zone. If it really was a bus stop zone the area should have been more visible and not parking place should have been draw in the zone ? (more…)

School bus ticket

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

That… is expensive in money and in demerit points! Nine to be exact! Sylvie didn’t think she had to stop since the bus flashing lights were yellow… Nevertheless… the police officer told her something else and gave her a harsh school bus ticket.

Hello, I’ve just got arrested by a cop that told me in a very mean and disgusting way that I didn’t did my obligatory stop near the school bus with red flashers. But the thing is that I am convinced that the bus had yellow flashers when I drove near by… His sign on the side of his bus wasn’t even out! I am scared of losing my license if I get an other ticket… do I have chance if I contest my ticket? Thank you Sylvie from Ste-Rose
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